Shell and tube heat exchangers

The series of shell and tube heat exchangers for dry expansion was designed specifically by Thermokey for industrial air conditioning and refrigeration. The various models have capacities varying from 20 to 880 kW in compliance with the conditions envisaged in the catalogue (water 12/7oC - evaporation 2oC).

Contra flow coaxial heat exchangers
Thermokey coaxial heat exchangers are the best solution for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, both domestic and industrial. The high level of efficiency of Thermokey coaxial heat exchangers is guaranteed by their contra flow working mode.

Finned pack heat exchangers

Satisfying any of our customers' requirements is the Thermokey philosophy. Many different models and sizes are available: 25x22 with 3/8" tube, 30x26 with 12mm tube, 60x30 with 5/8" tube, 30x30 with 5/8" tube, 50x43,3 with 5/8" tube, 50x43,3 with 12mm tube. The tubes can be in copper, internally grooved copper or in stainless steel. The fins can be in aluminium, copper or prepainted aluminium. The TK FIN® has a highly efficient corrugated surface.

  Plate heat exchangers
The range of Thermokey brazed plate heat exchangers offers nominal capacities from 2,5 to 500 kW. Working temperature are from -160oC/+200oC. Each and every individual Thermokey brazed plate heat exchanger has passed vacuum and presure tests for each side. Thermokey brazed plate heat exchangers can be treated for use with ammonia refrigerants.

 Axial condensers

Thermokey has designed two complete series of condensers with capacities varying from 6.9 to 865 kW at ΔT15. Thermokey has (first in Europe) certified capacities, safety and sound levels according to the ENV 327 and DIN 45635 norms by TÜV BAYERN SACHSEN MUNICH. The external frame is film covered aluminium and the supports are in stainless steel.

 Dry - coolers
Thermokey offers its customers a wide choice of equipment for the cooling of water or any other liquid compatible with copper or stainless steel. The capacity of these coolers vary from 19 to 656 kW in standard working conditions. The external frame is in aluminium and the supports are in stainless steel.

Unit coolers

The Thermokey industrial unit cooler range offers nominal capacities from 7 kW to 126 kW for different temperature ranges : high temperatures +15oC to +2oC, average +2oC to -20oC, low -18oC to -35oC, three different fan diameters (500, 560 and 630 mm) with the same unit length, different standard fins spacings and tubes for the following series: ammonia, freon and brine. The commercial unit cooler range offers nominal capacities from 1,3 kW to 13,9 kW with three different fan diameters (300, 350 and 450 mm) with the same unit length, with different standard fin spacings, and ingrooved copper tubes. The casing is made of aluminium. Different defrosting systems are available.

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